bipv is specialized in engineering and services for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) projects. We are an engineering office with expertise in electro-mechanical engineering and industrial design. We build a bridge between architects and design professionals and we consider projects from a technical and an aesthetic point of view. This enables us to work out the best solution for your project. Our goal is to take this technology to the next level and to be part of the renewable energy revolution. Let’s make this world a little bit better!


The building sector will change fundamentally in the next years.


More and more buildings will have to produce their own energy, build smart energy networks with others and exchange and store energy. Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) will become the norm for all new buildings in the EU by the end of 2020, and two years earlier for public buildings. This is only possible with an adaptable, reliable and aesthetically accepted technology – BIPV. It is the only way to build NZEB and Plus-Energy Buildings in larger sizes. This development to more sustainable buildings has become a worldwide movement and will increase. Therefore BIPV is one of the most important technologies for the building of the future.


BIPV solar modules are the key component in a BIPV project. They generate electricity, but are always used in a multifunctional way. They can be used in shading devices, they give weather, noise and view protection and can replace conventional building materials or components. Most of the modules are made of glass and can be adapted to the requirements of a project.


A BIPV system is consisting of much more than just the BIPV solar modules. It also includes the solar inverters, the cabling, mounting system and options for electrical storage, heat and hot water supply. The key for a successful bipv-project is to choose the right components and bring them together forming the bipv-system. has gained experience in several projects and focuses on integral planning and engineering. See more about it in our engineering section.

Typical applications of BIPV are in-roof, skylights and facades. The section projects shows example projects and details. Contact us with your project and ideas.